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Comillas, June 24, 25 ,26

Plants, Garden & Landscape Fair

Cantabria 2005

"Feria" of plants and gardens to be held in the grounds and palace of Sobrellano, in the seaside resort of Comillas from 24th - 26th June

A garden will be the unusual setting for the most ambitious fair on the economic and cultural potential of the garden and Landscape of Cantabria. The fair will gather the rnost important exhibitors aid prestigious lecturers from 24 to 26 June. The fair is under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Cultuie, Tourism and Sports of the Govemment of Cantabria and the City Hall of Comillas.
The three hectares of Gardens of the Sobrellano Palace in Comillas will host between 30 and 40 exhibitors and thousands of visitors during the 2005 Fair devoted to the sector of Garden and Landscape, a field that counts with a great future all over our Comnunity. The presence not only of the most important regional and national companies but also of important lecturers together with practical demonstrations will ensure a great interest for professionals,institutions and families.

Because of the variety of exhibitors and the characteristics of the tradefair, this event is aimed at a wide range of people. There will be elernents of interest on gardening, landscaping, horticulture and forestry and the sectors implied: tourism, environrnent, etc. aswell as for amateurs and alt those interested in the new environmental trends According to the organization the aim of the fair is to” cultivate, inform and spread the benefits of plants, creatures with we live closely together here in Cantabria, and promote the development of activities combining the conservation of nature and the human action in an inteiligent, sustainable and planned way.
“To create a merry space in which professionais can show the quality of their products and services and help us to give Caniabria an image of quality and eagerness of innovation which attracts the attention of the sector throughout the country as well as garden and nature enthusiasts from al! over , creating a source of interest which brings iniciatives and new ideas and increases our awareness and responsibility towards nature.
The choice of the Gardens of the Sobrellano Palace comes up to the aim of connecting culture and industry, art and nature, converting this event in a tourist attraction that will consolidate and grow eventually. The strong cultural and informative character does not prevent it from being also a perfect place where companies can meet clients and do business.

The second professional cross-discipiinary meeting in Cantabria

In the professional fie!d, this fair wants to become a reference for the rneeting of professionals who develop their activity in the more and more dernanding and diversified world of gardening.
The presence of a wide number of exhibitors in the field s of Forestry, Horticulture, Gardening and Landscaping, guarantes the professional visitor meeting all the people involved in the creation of a garden as well as in the intervention and maintenance of the !andscape. A group of professionais and companies that work in this fleid with an enthusiasm which goes further than business
The singu!arity of the environrnent- the beautiful Park and Gardens of tbe Sobrellano Palace- will turn the meeting of the most prestigious manufacturers and landscape gardeners from Cantabria and from the rest of the country into an original and different fair. The attractiveness of the environment gives a greater possibility to display of the production of the region, trends and novelties.

An airn of the fair is to promote and renew the tradition of nursery

Further from the strict exhibition, Conferences and Round- Table Conferences occupy a special place in the cultural programrne. At these conferences, professionals will be able to meet and share experiences with technicians, business people and institutional representatives involved in this fleid.

An added value for the demanding amateur

The fair is an exceptional and unique occasion for the amateur to have a complete vision of the different aspects involved in the process of creating a garden; gain access to the trendiest techniques through the testirnony of the professionais who will make practical demonstrations and also an occasion to buy products and services with the g arantee of getting them in the most suitable environment and with the best advice.
It will be an occasion to bring laymen near situations such as those in France or Engiand, where private gardens are open to the public, discuss about creative investigation in growing, care and maintenance of trees, gardens and vegetable gardens or the current intervention on the landscape, etc.
One important goal of the round-table conferences is to let amateurs know interesting and real experiences providing them good pieces of advice to get a deeper knowledge of the field.

A unique rneeting point for plant and landscape lovers

The organization aware of the increasing interest of the society of Cantabria in the environmental values, want this fair to provide the non-professional visitor with
informative, educational and entertaining elements which make them conscious of the importance and interest in green spaces and the social importance of the landscape.
This aim will be achieve thanks to physical and sensorial approach to plants, and to the professional advice for their care, letting them know attractive infonnation about the long tradition of the gardens in Cantabria: characteristics, location and etc.
A colourful festival that makes the visitor appreciate the cultural, economic and social importance the landscape has for all the people in our community as well as for the thousands of tourists who visit us every year looking for the unique attractiveness of Cantabria

Location, dates and opening times

It will take place in the Gardens of the Sobrellano Palace in Comillas ( Cantabria) from the 24 to the 26 of June and it will be open from 1 1;00 to 2 1:00. The venue has 3 0,000 square metres of space with outstanding trees and very good conditions to welcome the visitors to the event.