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Previsto para finales de septiembre

Festival de Jardines 2005

During 15 days artistic performances will be able to be contemplated,
small gardens of exhibition created by designers, paisajistas and
artists who inspired to the visitors and will embellish the spaces
that occupy in the gardens of the palace of Cantabria Box in

Each author will arrange in between 20 and 50 m2 to his free creation.

The form will be of aid-exhibition.

The participants previous presentation of an idea of their small
garden to make, the cost of the project (to which a limit will be put
to him) and currículo, will be admitted for the accomplishment and
exhibition of their work in the space of the festival.

The space is gorgeous, with great trees that create an open and
slightly shady natural carp, we think that they would be possible to
be made between 10 and 12 gardens.

The lands where the small gardens of the Festival are made will be
open to the public from the 16 of September to the 2 of October.