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24 de Junio a 3 de Julio

Open Gardens


1st edition of open gardens of Cantabria tries to take advantage of
sinergia that with its spirit the fair of Planta, the garden and the
landscape it impels.
The visit to different Gardens by all the Cantabra Community will be
promoted and facilitated, opening them to the knowledge of the
visitors and fans.
Located by all the geography of the Community, in some municipalities
and private property gardens of great attractive importance exist and.
By a side we would have the gardens and parks public, these, are
habitually open to the public, some have protection or are declared
Artistic Historical Gardens, others comprise of the cantabros goods of
landscaping interest but in general all little are known and
On the other hand we have the private gardens; these either comprise
of particular property closed the public or correspond to places with
public activities but with access restricted like hotels, bath,
Convents, etc.
During a determined period, whose beginning would agree with the
inauguration of the fair, the visitors would have access and
information to some of these cultural places by all the region.
We will count on the collaboration of City councils, Institutions,
foundations, organizations, companies and individuals and will put
means necessary to obtain that in this 1ª edition is discovered parks
and gardens that never could be visited and they know with greater
depth the wealth of which already they were possible to be seen.
A committee of experts will be in charge to examine the merits of
these green spaces for its selection and spreading.