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From 24 june to july 2005
Garden and Landscape Week in Cantabria

Plant, Garden and Landscape Fair. From Comillas, 24, 25 y 26 de Junio
2. Cultural Programme. Sobrellano Palace . From 24 de Junio a 26 de Junio
3. Gardens open to the general public . all over Cantabria. From 24 de Junio a 3 de Julio

Cantabria will! become a festival of colour and culture for ten days .

The village of Comillas will host, from 24 June to 3 July, the most important exhibitors and prestigious lecturers in the most ambitious trade fair on the economic and cultural potential of garden and landscape.

Furthermore, gardens and parks al! over the region will be open for visitors to get to Know and enjoy.

This week is under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Government of Cantabria.

The Garden and Landscape Week in Cantabria is going to be a leading event of prime importance for garden professionals and amateurs, for plant and tree companies as well as those which provide machinery and supplies related to gardening; for architects and engineers with the aim of improving the environment; for people aware of their scenery for authorities trying to meet quality of life demands; for creative people who want to express their ideas and emotions with a little bit of land and an open perspective for young people who appreciate a non-immediate reward and, finally, for al! those who wish to stroll in artificial paradises conceived by men and nature or just gaze and enjoy a landscape whose meaning lies in the act of understanding it.

An occasion to exhibit and celebrate the long gardening tradition in Cantabria and in the rest of Spain and reflect its tourist, cultural and industrial potential as well as its educative and social values.

This meeting wants to become a basic event for Gardening and Landscape, not only for the Cantabrian coast but also for the rest of Spain , taking a step towards an intel!ectual approach and a demanding future view to provide the industry involved the basis for its development.

It also wants to make visitors aware of the importance and interest of green spaces and the social value of the landscape trying to educate and inform about the benefits we get by knowing plants and trees that coexist with us in our region.

It is also an occasion to create a link between culture and development, between art and nature and emphasize the idea of Quality for the new landscaping plans, getting more and more concerned about the environment every day.

In order to ask for more information:

contact info@jyp05.net

Tel.: +34 942 70 50 69
+ info: http://english.turismodecantabria.com/