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Comillas 24, 25 and 26 June

Cultural Programme

The cultural activities included in the JYP 2005 Week will take place in the facilities of the Sobrellano Palace.

This cultural programme will feature national and international experts who will cover different aspects of the field.

Attendance to these conferences will be free for fair ticket holders.


Friday 24

Jose Valdeón,
landscape designer. "the Atlantic Garden in Spain"
Consuelo Martinez Correcher,
landscape Architect, professor of history of the garden. "To understand the Garden of Spain, some gardens of Spain unique in the world"
18H Manuel Gomez Anuarbe,
landscape designer
" peripathetic conversation on a Project of long term Restoration of the Sobrellano Gardens"
19,30H Luis Muiño, Psychologist. Producer of "the
habitat of unicornio" in Radio5 "All News" (RNE).
www.elhabitatdelunicornio.net. "Ten Landscapes, Ten Moods: Some brush strokes On the soul of landscape".

saturday 25

Cesar Ruíz Larrea, Architect. "the Landscape, the natural thing
versus artificial"
16,30H Jane Stoneham, British landscape designer,specialized
in the access of Disabled people to the landscape. '
Designing Gardens and Landscapes for Elderly and disabled People"
18H Carolina Piris, Expert in Iberian flora and
bonsais. "the world of Bonsai"
19,30H Tony Kendle, Director of the Eden Project Foundation in Cornwall, "The Eden Project"

sunday 26

Ignacio Abella, Writer and gardener. "Tree, man, landscape"
Íñigo Segurola, landscape designer, professor of design of gardens in the Kunsthal school of Irún. "Movement, change and renovation: axes of the landscape project "
18H Joaquin Garcia Purroy, landscape designer of the
Humus Sapiens firm of Navarra. "the landscape design and the interpretation of the National trust: two imaginative examples "
19,30H Luis González Camino,landscape designer :Round table "a paradise in fact" , with Mikel Pagola, J.G.Purroy and Iñigo Segurola.



* We´ll have Translation into spanish For the Jane Stoneham & Tony Kendle speechs